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Ettore Bugatti famously once said of the brakes on his Bugatti Royale

‘I make my cars to go, not to stop….’

Sadly he was not alone and many classic cars suffer from the same shortcoming:

Whilst we understand that the classic car driving experience includes the traditional process of pressing the brake pedal and waiting for something to happen, we also believe that this might be one thing that you should change.

To deliver modern levels of reliability, serviceability and capability, Fosseway Performance has developed a range of lightweight aluminium four piston brake calipers and uprated brake components for a wide variety of British and continental classic cars. These can be fitted directly to your car with no permanent modification. In many cases there is a choice of a standard caliper upgrade, an option to add vented discs or a comprehensive high performance kit with uprated brake pads etc.

All of our uprated calipers are compatible with your existing hydraulic system and are fully dust sealed to ensure they can withstand the rigours of even the most arduous driving conditions. All our kits including our entry level version is supplied with EBC brake pads and stainless steel braided brake lines to ensure the best possible performance.

Fosseway Performance  brake calipers and conversions are discreet, easily fitted and 100% reversible.

We might be wrong but we think even Mr Bugatti would approve!


Classic car cooling systems were often a weak link in the engine design and years of scale build up in the waterways and the radiator core can seriously affect their ability to maintain the correct running temperature. Combine this with spirited driving; long climbs or simply traveling on modern, traffic laden roads and you can end up placing a significant strain on your cooling system.

You could make an unscheduled stop to let everything cool down whilst you admire the scenery – but this does tend to lose its romanticism when you are on the side of a busy motorway.

Our range of handmade, high efficiency aluminium radiators for the Jaguar E-type and other classic cars  will keep your engine cool and your eyes on the road not the temperature gauge.

All our radiators feature replica water tanks that are exact copies of the originals to ensure an authentic appearance and to ensure a perfect fit. At the heart of our Jaguar E-type radiators is a fully brazed, close packed high efficiency twin row core. This features a continuous fin across both rows to optimise the air flow, heat transfer and cooling effect.

Fosseway Performance Jaguar E-type classic radiators are designed to accept either the original cooling fan and shroud or an uprated fan and are available in the natural aluminium finish or can be supplied in a durable black coating to blend in with the original surroundings. We can even polish the entire radiator to a mirror finish if ‘Bling is your Thing’…..

A burst coolant hose can also have a devastating effect on your journey and the quality of modern rubber replica hoses seems to have become highly variable. Why risk a premature end to trip and possible engine damage?

Fosseway Performance has developed a range of superior quality silicone coolant hoses that will provide years of trouble free motoring, irrespective of how often or infrequently the vehicle is used.

These top quality hoses for Jaguar E-type and other classic cars are individually hand made here in the UK and meet the standards stipulated by prestige car manufacturers such as Bentley and Aston Martin. The same construction is also used on MOD vehicles and fire engines where failure is not an option.

All our hoses are 100% silicone but feature a traditional fabric wrapped appearance to maintain the classic under-bonnet look. The three ply construction is complimented by a pure silicone lining to avoid wicking and delamination to guarantee long and reliable service.

To complement the Fosseway Performance Jaguar E-type silicone hose kits we can supply a complete kit of 100% stainless steel hose clamps. These British made clamps feature a radiused edge to the clamp band to avoid any damage to the hose and will continue to look great for years to come.Why take the risk of buying anything else?


Electrical systems on classic cars are often prone to problems. Difficulty starting your engine or producing enough output from an aging dynamo or alternator is an all too common problem.

To combat the effects of infrequent use, early technology and age related degradation (we all know how that feels!) Fosseway Performance has a range of high performance starters motors, alternators and dynamo conversions specifically designed for for Jaguar E-type and other classic cars.

Each unit is designed as a direct fit replacement and always delivers superior performance. Because classic cars of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s could be either positive or negative earth we can supply units for either polarity.

Hi Torque Geared starters are lightweight and compact but offer up to 200% more cranking power whilst drawing substantially less current. Models are available for inertia type and pre-engaged applications.

Fosseway Performance also supply replacement alternators and high performance Dynator conversions (Alternators housed in a replica dynamo body). These delivers huge improvements in performance whilst maintaining a authentic appearance.

Funnily enough our old friend Ettore Bugatti also had some thoughts on difficulty starting his cars and retorted to a customer who had encountered problems.

‘Sir! If you can afford a Type 35, you can surely afford a heated garage!’

It is true many classic cars are stored in warm dry environments but they don’t spend all their time there so we think you should be confident that your starter is up to the job and your battery fully charged wherever your journey takes you…….


Modern car batteries work very well and deliver excellent cranking power but let’s be honest, they just look wrong under the bonnet of a classic car. Technology has moved on and unfortunately modern batteries no longer resemble the traditional hard rubber cased units originally fitted to your car.

The good news is that Fosseway Performance has a full range of Jaguar E-type and other classic car batteries. They deliver fantastic performance and look exactly like the ones fitted to your car when it was new.

The batteries feature a traditional lead acid construction with visible bars connecting the cells on all the 12V models and certain 6V options. Installing one of these batteries will transform your engine bay and complete the authentic look of your under bonnet area.

Batteries like this were common place 30 years ago and opening the bonnet and seeing it will make you feel young again!

Historically lead acid batteries used to need regular use to maintain a fully charged, tip-top condition. Fortunately this is where new technology can be employed to great effect – we can supply a simple modern compact battery conditioner that will ensure your car will be ready to go whenever you are.