Aston Martin V8 Six Pot Brake Caliper Upgrade

Aston Martin V8 Caliper Upgrade

Our entry level caliper kit for the Aston Martin V8 allows you to retain the original Aston Martin brake discs which makes installation of the uprated caliper very quick and easy.

Our new Six pot caliper uses an Aston Martin Vanquish brake pad and the combined effect of the increased pad size and six pot caliper increases the braking and makes driving your Aston Martin V8 substantially more relaxing.

(The original brake discs used on the AMV8 are quite small by modern standards and they are also expensive to replace so you may want to consider our high performance kit for the AMV8. This uses a new two part vented rotor and bell assembly to replace the original disc. This is not only larger and more efficient but is actually less expensive than replacing the original Aston Martin discs)

As with all our brake kits, no permanent modifications are required to install the uprated six pot Excel caliper. The kit is fully compatible with the rear brakes and master cylinder and is supplied with everything required for the installation.

AMV8 Brake Upgrade – Excel Caliper Kit for use with original AMV8 discs

  • Pair six pot ExCel calipers in either silver or black anodised finish
  • Mounting brackets and hardware
  • Stainless steel braided brake hoses
  • Mintex brake pads (Aston Martin Vanquish)

AMV8 ExCel caliper kit    £925.00 + VAT