Austin Healey 100 and 100/6 Drum to Disc Conversion

Big Healey standard brake caliper upgrade, lightweight alloy caliper for Big Healey, Austin Healey four pot caliper

Big Healey standard brake caliper upgrade

Austin Healey Vented Brake Upgrade, big healey brakes, big healey vented brake kit Austin Healey vented brakes, Big healey 4 pot caliper

‘Big Healey’ Vented Brake Upgrade

Our disc brake conversion for the early drum braked Austin Healeys permits the use of disc brakes without the need to make radical changes to your cars front suspension.

The kit uses a combination of Austin Healey 3000 parts and our specially developed Four Piston lightweight alloy caliper with a choice of solid or vented brake disc rotors.

There are a wide variety of options so please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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