Austin Healey Brake Upgrades

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Austin Healey Brake Upgrades

The Austin Healey or ‘Big Healey’ as it is affectionately known is one of the most recognisable British sports car of the 1950’s and 60’s.  The stylish open topped car was a revolutionary design and proved popular all over the world. These cars are now enjoyment great popularity and are fast establishing themselves as a truly iconic British classic.

Initially, the Big Healey brakes featured drums on all four wheels as standard. With the introduction of Girling front disc brakes on the later models the stopping power of the cars improved and eventually lead to the final iteration of Austin Healey brakes used on the last of the BJ8 models. These final models featured thicker brake discs and larger Girling 16 calipers.

The Big Healey brakes improved to keep pace with the larger and more powerful engines but even the most effective versions fall somewhat short of modern expectations. For this reason Fosseway Performance has developed a range of uprated kits for the Big Healey Brakes. These kits span the entire range of Big Healey from the drum braked AH 100 through the AH 100/6 to the AH 3000. The kits allow the use of our four piston lightweight alloy caliper and a selection of brake disc options to suit your requirements.

Please note that we do not have caliper which will replace the Girling 16 calipers used on the later BJ8 models (from #26704) but one is in development. Please check the website for updates or give us a call to discuss the progress.

Simply select from the list of options below:

Austin Healey Brake Upgrade kits

Drum to Disc conversion – Full Kit that permits the use of disc brakes on cars originally equipped with drum brakes -solid disc and vented disc options

Standard Big Healey Brake Upgrade – Lightweight four piston caliper for use with standard solid disc

Vented Big Healey Brake Upgrade – Lightweight four piston caliper for use with specially produced 22mm vented disc