Brake Fast in America!

Not one of our radiators - we don't do Series 2 units yet.....but they are planned

One of our customers from the USA, Dave Young, is restoring a 1969 Series 2 XKE (E-Type) and has purchased a number of products from us as part of the rebuild.

Dave has installed one of our Series 2 silicone hose kits and an 80 amp Lucas ACR style alternator as well as one of our vented brake upgrades for the Series 2 E-Type which should help him ‘brake fast in America’.

The comments below are reproduced with Dave’s approval:

This is a follow-up to my earlier email, in which I praised your company and products……. your company is well worthy of endorsement.

Silicone Hoses and Alternator

80-amp alternator – excellent product.  1” smaller diameter than my previous alternator.  Fits right in with no problem, increasing bonnet clearance.  Enabled me to remove and discard my 4TR voltage regulator and 3AW warning light controller.  I did have to source a bi-directional fan as my air conditioned E-Type runs the alternator backwards, from a mount facing the engine.  The fan was readily available from an alternator retailer on the ‘net.  Also, be advised that if one has converted their dashboard lamps to LEDs, as I have done, they will need to put the old-fashioned incandescent lamp bulb back in the alternator warning light – the current through this lamp is used (at least in my installation of the 3 or 4 alternatives) to excite the field windings and “start” the alternator charging.

Silicone hoses – great looking, excellent build quality, perfect fit.  One more worry that I will not have when I start driving again! (The radiator isn’t one of ours – we don’t make Series 2 units yet but they are planned….)

Dave Young's Jaguar XKE with Fosseway Performance additions including silicone hoses, alternator and vented brake upgrade.

Vented front brakes – the ‘piece de resistance!’  What a fine-looking brake setup.  Calipers look a treat and perform as well as they look.  The vented disks appear to be perfect (of course, new disks always look good).  You can never do wrong reducing unsprung weight.  These calipers are much lighter than my old ones.  I think they have every bit as much clamping force in the lighter package – a win-win solution.  I simply removed the splash shield to fit the new caliper, but I think the shield is entirely unnecessary.  In my case, for sure, as I will not be driving in wet conditions.

We would like to thank Dave for his kind comments. For more details and some additional photos of Dave’s car please visit our Facebook page