Check your battery – It could be time for a new one

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Shield Traditional Battery – Part of our extended range of classic car batteries

Winter can take its toll on batteries. Lack of use can lead to the plates becoming irreparably contaminated making them impossible to charge. Make sure you  use a good quality battery conditioner whilst you car is sat dormant or charge it periodically to prevent problems.

If you find you battery won’t hold its charge then it may be time for a new one.  Our extended range of  traditional lead acid batteries from Shield can be supplied with a separate acid pack allowing you to store them indefinitely.  This means you can buy your replacement battery now and avoid the rush when the weather finally improves and everyone else finds they need one too.

To help with the cost we are offering free shipping on all batteries ordered until the end of February (UK mainland only).

So next time you are in the garage, check the state of your battery and if won’t hold a charge contact us to discuss your requirements and to take advantage of the free shipping offer.