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1928 Ford Hot Rod with Fosseway Performance Brakes

1928 Ford Hot Rod with Fosseway Performance Brakes

We were delighted to be approached by customer Martin Hone from Queensland, Australia to help him improve the brakes on his 1928 Ford Hot Rod.

Martin explains…

The Hot Rod in question is a genuine 1928 Ford A model Roadster on a ’32 chassis, Jaguar XJ6 Series 1 IFS and XJ6 Series 2 IRS, powered with Ford 302W auto   I am in the process of sorting the handling and steering, and so far it will see off most sports cars on the road, as well as at the drag strip.  Your lightweight calipers should benefit the front end greatly, but the reason for my query is that I intend to convert to manual transmission which will require a major revamp of the pedal arrangement. Currently the brake m/c and booster are under the floor, and one option is to move it under the dash (conventional location these days) and combine with clutch pedal and m/c.  If I can get the brakes to work effectively without the vacuum booster, it will save weight, money, space and complexity.  At 2300 lbs it is reasonably light, certainly lighter than the original Jaguar, hence the question as to the possibility.

Based on Martins requirements we supplied him with a set of our standard calipers for the early XJ6 Series 1 cars (solid discs). Martin was able to take advantage of our new reduced shipping rates to Australia which made us very competitive on price.

Martin picks up the story from this point….

Finally found time between aircraft building jobs to fit your calipers to my XJ6 front end on the ’28 Ford.  Installation was very straightforward and it fitted up nicely. Took it out yesterday and bedded in the brake pads. The original cast iron calipers had only recently been fully rebuilt – new everything, so this was going to be a good test.  After bedding in, the feel was noticeably improved – nice initial bite, then progressively more powerful as pedal pressure applied.  Happy with that ! 

I intend to investigate master cylinder options with a view to deleting use of the booster, but that is further down the track……I have spent 40 years racing motorcycles and 17 years testing hi-performance and race bikes for magazines, so have a pretty good feel for brakes. In my estimation the braking performance would be around 20% improvement over stock .

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