Cross Drilled and Slotted Brake Discs

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Cross drilled and slotted vented E-Type S1 brake disc

Over the past few months we have been asked by a number of customers to provide drilled and slotted brake discs with their brake upgrade kits. To date this has been a special order but we can now offer this as a standard option for all of our vented brake kits – we will also drill and slot solid discs if you wish.

The discs take on a completely new appearance and the drilling and slotting help de-gas the surface of the disc to help with the braking.

We can offer a combination drill / slot pattern (as shown) or a simple cross drilling pattern or simple slotting pattern. The prices are shown below and refer to a pair of discs and are subject to VAT and shipping costs.

Please bear in mind that with cross drilled discs the surface area of the disc is reduced so the braking effect may be slightly reduced at lower temperatures with the real benefit only becoming apparent when the brakes are hot.

Cross Drilled and Slotted Discs

Spot and Groove Pattern added to vented disc - performance brake upgrades from Fosseway Performance

Spot and Groove

Cross drilling only                                                     £85.00 + VAT (pair of discs)

Slotting of discs only                                               £85.00 + VAT (pair of discs)

Combination cross drilling and slotting      £160.00 + VAT (pair of discs)

Spot and groove pattern                                         £125.00 + VAT (pair of discs)