Dutch Interceptor is a ‘First’

Interceptor brakes, Jensen interceptor MK111 with Fosseway Performance brake upgrade, Jensen Interceptor brake upgrade from Fosseway Performance

Eric van der Linden’s Interceptor

During the development of our range of brakes for Jensen cars we were approached by a Dutch customer Eric van der Linden who owns this rather splendid Jensen Interceptor MK111 cabriolet.  Eric was looking for improved Interceptor brakes but wanted to retain his original 15″ wheels so our ‘Big Brake Kit’ which requires 17″ wheels  was not appropriate.

However, Eric’s timing was perfect. He approached us just as we were finalising our Interceptor Brakes kit for cars with 15″ wheels. Eric helped us complete the kit by providing some final dimensions to ensure the kit would fit as planned and the results have exceeded our expectations.  Eric writes:

Interceptor Brakes

I thought the fitting of the calipers (which weigh about a third of the weight of the originals) was very straight forward. I fitted a few shims to centralise them so they are perfectly aligned with the discs.

Interceptor brakes, Fosseway Performance caliper fitted to Jensen Interceptor MK111 behind standard 15" wheel

Our caliper fitted behind Eric’s 15″ Interceptor wheels

The bleeding of the system also went well aided by the two large bleed nipples on each caliper.

After running in the brakes i.e. braking lightly and never for longer than a few seconds I now tried braking more heavily before roundabouts and I must say they are very predictable and arrow straight every time. The brake effort is certainly much less than with the standard Girlings and it is easy to lock the front wheels in the rain.

All in all a successful conversion that I’ll be showing off at the next club meeting when we travel to Sauerland in Germany at the end of the month.

It was my pleasure contributing to the development; I hope you sell many more in the time to come.

For more photos of the installation and some great shots of Eric’s car visit our Facebook page and please feel free to contact us or click here for more details of the kits we have for Jensen cars.