Easy Bleed hits the Silver Screen

We were delighted when customer Dave Turner contacted us recently to let us know how happy he was with his Easy Bleed remote bleed kit.  Many of the E-Type enthusiasts among you may recognise Dave as being the author of the serialised restoration story he is writing for the E-Type magazine.

Dave is performing a detailed rebuild of his 1966 OTS E-Type and has recently installed on of our remote bleed kits to his rear brakes.  Dave writes:

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your remote bleed kit. I have said so in my monthly article in the E Type club magazine (March issue). I also back the article up with YouTube videos so that the members can see what I am up to in the restoration, my video site is davejaguar66  

Thanks again for  a top product and I will certainly pass on to all the club members just how good your products are.

 Take care

David Turner