Dunlop Brakes – Uprated front pistons

Uprated Front Brake Piston assemblies for Dunlop Equipped cars


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Dunlop Brakes – Replacement Piston Assy

Where space prevents the installation of our four pot brake caliper, the design of the Dunlop brake calipers means that for many cars there is the option to replace the piston assemblies and re-use the caliper body. This is particularly true of smaller, front wheel drive cars where space can be extremely limited.

Fosseway Performance can offer high quality replacement Dunlop style pistons in a variety of sizes to allow you to upgrade your front brakes when a replacement caliper is not possible. These pistons feature modern style fluid seals to give improved performance and a better pedal feel as well as secondary wiper seals to prevent the ingress of dust and water.

The body of the piston assembly is made from hard anodized 2014 (HE15) aluminium with stainless steel pistons to give ensure a long, corrosion free life.  As with all our products they can be fitted with no permanent modification to your car and can be used with standard brake pads (no backing plate) or modern pads with a steel backing plate.

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Dunlop Brake Upgrade – Replacement Piston Assy

In addition to our replacement Dunlop style piston assemblies we can also offer up-rated EBC Green Stuff  brake pads for use with the Dunlop calipers to provide improved braking.


Uprated Dunlop Brake Piston Assemblies:

  • Billet HE15 aluminium body
  • Hard anodized finish in silver to match front calipers
  • Stainless steel pistons
  • Modern fluid seals
  • Dust seals (wiper seals)
  • Direct replacement for original Dunlop pistons
  • Compatible with original or uprated brake pads


Uprated Dunlop Brake Piston Assemblies (each)             £125.00 + VAT  
Uprated EBC Green Stuff Front Brake Pads  (from)          £59.00 + VAT