Jaguar Based Kit Car Brakes

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Brake Upgrades for Kit Cars with Jaguar Suspension

The classic Jaguar front and rear suspension systems have always proved popular with kit car builders, especially those building Hot Rods or larger and more powerful vehicles such as Cobra replicas etc

The Fosseway Performance uprated brake kits provide the ideal way to replace and enhance Jaguar Based Kit Car Brakes. We can supply alternatives to both the old Dunlop or Girling brakes fitted to kit car suspension components sourced from Jaguar vehicles.

We have a variety of  upgrades for Jaguar based kit car brakes,  including our lightweight four pot front calipers and can offer a range of vented disc upgrades for cars originally fitted with solid discs, including our new kit for the the early XJ6 Series 1 cars. We can also supply the full range of EBC uprated discs for later Jaguar vehicles

In addition to front brakes we have a number of options to help enhance the rear brakes of all Jaguar IRS donor vehicle with inboard discs.

If you are rebuilding a Jaguar rear axle for a kit car then it is the prefect time to install one of our Easy Bleed remote bleed kits. This transforms the job of bleeding the inaccessible inboard rear brakes used extensively on Jaguar cars.

Our standard brakes are sized to meet the requirements of the original car but if you have any specific requirements please contact us to discuss alternative piston sizes etc.

Jaguar Based Kit Car Brakes

Jaguar MK2 standard, vented and performance kit car brake upgrades

Jaguar S-Type standard, vented and performance upgrade kit car brake upgrades

Jaguar XJ6 series 1 (with solid discs) standard upgrade, vented upgrade and performance upgrade with high performance vented disc

Jaguar XJ6 series 1/2 (with vented discs) standard upgrade , vented upgrade and performance upgrade with high performance vented discs

Jaguar XJ6 series 3 and XJS standard upgrade, vented upgrade and performance upgrade with high performance vented discs

Jaguar XJ6 series 3 and XJS ExCel six pot caliper with oversize two part rotor/bell combination

Jaguar XJ40 (X300) brake caliper kit

E-Type Series 1 / MK2 rear brake upgrades for kit cars

E-Type Series 2/3 and XJ6 rear brake upgrades for kit cars

Jaguar XJ40 (X300) Rear brake conversion (including remote handbrake caliper) – Please call for details

Easy Bleed remote bleed Kit