Jensen Interceptor Vented Brake Upgrade – MK1/11 and FF

Jensen Interceptor Vented brake upgrade - MK1 MK11 and FF

Interceptor MK1 / MK11 and FF Vented brake Upgrade

The Fosseway Performance Jensen Interceptor Vented Brake upgrade is intended for MK1 and MK11 and FF cars originally equipped with solid disc brakes. It will significantly improve the way your car looks, feels and stops.

The new light weight aluminium 6082 T6 billet caliper weighs significantly less than the original cast iron caliper.  This improves wheel control by reducing your cars un-sprung weight and all our calipers are carefully sized to ensure they are 100% compatible with your existing hydraulic system.

The specially produced vented brake disc mounts directly to your original hub and allows the vented disc / caliper assembly to be fitted behind the original 15″ wheel

The Fosseway Performance uprated  brake caliper incorporates the following features:

  • Made in the UK
  • Elegant understated design in a choice of finish
    • Standard silver anodized body gives excellet weather protection and an understated look
    • Premium black hard anodized body for extra durability and stylish appearance
  • Requires no permanent modification
  • Four piston caliper design delivers a balanced braking force to each side of the disc
  • Strong, 6 bolt caliper body construction ensures a rigid and flex free operation
  • Internal fluid crossovers keep the caliper design clean and simple and eliminate the risk of damaging external pipes
  • Fully dust sealed to withstand the most arduous driving conditions
  • High temperature fluid seals ensure reliable long term performance

The Interceptor Vented Brake Upgrade also includes

  • Specially manufactured 22 mm vented discs which will dramatically improve your braking systems ability to dissipate heat, avoiding brake fade and disc warping.
  • Our vented brake kits are supplied with stainless steel braided brake lines for the front of the car
  • EBC Ultimax brake pads are included as standard

Interceptor  Vented Brake Upgrade in standard Silver finish          £770.00 + VAT

Interceptor  Vented Brake Upgrade in black premium finish           £845.00 + VAT

FF Vented Brake Upgrade in standard Silver finish                              £780.00 + VAT

FF Vented Brake Upgrade in black premium finish                               £855.00 + VAT