‘Kit Car’ Brake Range Extended

1928 Ford Hot Rod with Fosseway Performance Brakes

1928 Ford Hot Rod with Fosseway Performance Brakes

The use of early Jaguar MK2 and XJ6 suspension on kit cars is still popular but as these cars become more scarce it has become more common to use Jaguar XJS and XJ6 series 3 front suspension  components. These later cars featured a four pot caliper as standard but it is a large and heavy cast iron caliper which is often considered excessive for the use on lighter and more nimble cars.

In response to numerous requests we have now added the XJ6 Series 3 and XJS front upright design to our range so that cars using these parts can be equipped with our lightweight four pot caliper. This means that builders of vehicles derived from these cars can now replace the large, heavy, oversize Jaguar calipers with our unit to give better wheel control and more appropriate braking for light weight kit cars and special vehicles.

Take  look at the three new options by clicking here and following the links for XJ6 series 3 and XJS brake kits

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Brake Upgrades for Kit Cars with Jaguar Suspension

Please note that because our caliper is smaller than the original unit we do not recommend its use on the XJ6 series 3 or XJS.