New Years Resolution – ‘Fit vented discs when upgrading brakes…..’

Vented brake upgrade with 22 mm vented disc and uprated caliper for classic cars. Uprated brakes. Classic car brake upgrade

Vented disc and Caliper Upgrade

If your New Years resolution is to finally get round to to upgrading your front calipers on your classic E-Type, S-Type or MK2 Jaguar it really makes sense to fit vented discs at the same time – You will have all the benefits of our standard up-rated caliper but also the added advantage of a substantially increased brake disc thickness combined with the benefits of a vented design.

The most significant advantage is the way vented discs continually dissipate heat by ‘pumping’ air thorough the vanes of the rotating disc like a centrifugal fan. This means that brake fade and warping are a think of the past.  If you take a look at any modern car, even the most basic model, it is hard to find one without vented front discs.

All our discs are made here in the UK by a major manufacturer who also supplies Jaguar Land Rover with their OEM discs. Quality is of the highest order which is more than can be said for some  reproduction solid discs available.

Our vented discs fit your car without any modification and are comparable in cost to a quality set of standard discs. There really isn’t a good reason not to fit vented discs, especially if you plan to fit new standard discs as part of your brake upgrade

Happy New Year and remember to stick to your resolution!