MGB V8 Brake Upgrades

MGB GT vented brake kt, MGB GT Four pot caliper kit

MGB V8 Brake Upgrade

The MGB V8 brought an new level of performance to the MGB range. The lightweight V8 engine delivered a great increase in power whilst maintaining the low overall weight of the MGB.

With the introduction of the V8 engine, the brakes on the MGB V8 were improved moderately but still retained solid discs which can be prone to get very hot when used hard which van lead to brake fade.

Increased traffic levels and better brakes on the cars around you also mean that the performance of the standard brakes are now falling below modern expectations.

To help you relax and work less hard, Fosseway Performance has developed a four pot vented brake kit which will bolt straight onto the standard MGB V8 front hubs and uprights.  This delivers much improved braking in general use and when braking from high speed or on a long decent.

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MGB V8 / MGB GT V8 Vented Brake Upgrade