Rover P6 3500 Brake Upgrades

Rover P6 3500 Brake upgrades

Rover P6 3500 Brake Upgrades

The later 3500 V8 engined models of the Rover P6  used the improved Girling three pot calipers on their front disc brake system.  This technology was an improvement over the earlier two pot Girling and Dunlop systems fitted to the 2000 / 2200 models but it continued to use a solid brake disc and struggles to meet the demands of today’s roads and the raised expectation of today’s drivers.

In response, Fosseway Performance has developed a number of Rover P6 3500 brake upgrade kits to allow you to enhance your Rover P6 3500 brakes. Like all our brake kits the vented system for the P6 can be installed without permanent modification to the car.  The brake disc of the vented upgrade kit has been manufactured to fit behind 15″ wheels whilst delivering the superior heat dissipation of a modern ventilated braking system.

Our up-rated brake calipers are carefully sized to ensure they remain compatible with the existing brake master cylinder and servo assembly.  All our brake kits are supplied with braided stainless steel brake lines.

For detailed information,  select the kit  from the list below which best meets your needs:

Rover P6 3500 Brake Upgrade Options – V8

Standard  Rover P6 3500 Brake Upgrade – not currently available

Vented Rover P6 3500 Brake Upgrade – Lightweight Aluminium Four Piston Calipers for use with specially produced 276mm x 24mm thick vented brake discs

Rear Rover P6 Brake Upgrade – Uprated brake pads – please call for details