Wire Wheel Balancing Kit

Balancing cones for wire wheels - allow perfect alignment of wheel on modern balancing equipmnet

Wire Wheel Balancing Kit

Modern tyre fitting companies are not equipped to perform wire wheel balancing or to balance centre lock wheels. This can present a serious problem for classic car owners wanting to have their wheels and tyres balanced accurately.

The problem stems from the fact that wire wheels are located by two tapered surfaces rather than a flat mounting flange. The first taper can be found on the wheel hub on the inner end of the splines.  The second is actually located on the inside edge of the spinner or center lock nut.

If a tyre fitter attempts to carry out wire wheel balancing without mounting the wheel using the tapered surfaces the wheel will not rotate in the correct plane. Balance weights can be added to correct any indicated imbalance but when the wheels are fitted back on the car (and they rotate as they should)  they will be found to be out of balance again.

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Correct Mounting of Wire Wheel Using Cones

This can lead to uneven tyre wear, noise, vibration and a tiresome drive.

The Fosseway Performance Wire Wheel Balancing Kit contains two special cones which can be fitted to conventional wheel balancing equipment. This will allow your wire wheels to be accurately balanced on virtually any modern equipment, removing the need to find one of the dwindling number of specialist classic tyre fitters. The cones come with two spindle adapters (40mm and 36mm) to make them compatible with over 95% of wheel balancing rigs.

The cones are made from a lightweight, but extremely strong, glass reinforced injection moulding and they come in a robust and compact container which means they can be easily carried in the boot of your car.

Two sizes of kit are available to ensure all common wire wheels can be balanced.

Wire Wheel Balancing Kit

52mm Hubs (Jaguar etc)                                         £79.00 + VAT

42mm Hubs (MG etc)                                              £79.00 + VAT

Combined Kit with both sets of cones                      £99.00 + VAT

Special Kit for Jaguar XK 120, 140 & 150                 £115.00 + VAT