Modern Reliability – Classic Enjoyment


Helping to keep your classic car where it belongs………..On the road


E-Type pedal car “We know how great it feels when you open the throttle on a deserted country road, when a passer-by stops to admire your car or when you catch a glimpse of your reflection as you drive past a shop window. These moments remind you that your classic car is so much more than a mode of transport; they define your individuality and dedication and should be enjoyed to the full. At Fosseway Performance, we also understand that a classic car can be a source of frustration and disappointment when it struggles to meet the demands of modern motoring or suffers from the perils of infrequent use. With this in mind Fosseway Performance has one simple aim – to help deliver reliability and performance whilst retaining the qualities that make your classic so much more than just a car.”

Simon Illingworth, Director