Aston Martin V8 Brake Upgrades

AMV8 Brake Upgrades

Aston Martin V8 Brake Upgrades

When the Aston Martin V8 evolved from he DBS it saw the introduction of larger four pot calipers and vented front discs. However, the tyre technology of the day meant that the use of 15″ wheels was still required and this size limitation means that the stopping power of the improved  AMV8 brakes now feels a little underwhelming by modern standards.  In response to this Fosseway Performance has introduced two Brake Upgrades for the Aston Martin V8 which will significantly improve the braking performance of these powerful cars.

We can now offer two options based on our large Six Pot ExCel caliper: The first utilises the standard AMV8 vented disc and the second kit introduces the use of an oversize two part rotor and bell assembly which optimises the brake disc size whilst still fitting within a standard 15″ wheel.

For further details and pricing click on the links below:

AMV8 Brake Upgrade – Six Pot ExCel caliper for use with standard brake disc

AMV8 Brake Upgrade – Six Pot ExCel caliper with oversize two part Bell and Rotor assembly