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Lucas Stlye 11AC alternator - 70 amp. Direct fit Lucas 11AC style alternator - 70 amps internally regulated

Lucas Stlye 11AC alternator – 70 amp

We can now offer a variety of high performance classic car alternator upgrades.  Ageing technology and increased loads from accessories like high power lights, air conditioning and electric power steering can make your original alternator struggle. However, our selection of high output units will make your charging worries a thing of the past.

Each of our classic car alternator upgrades features a dependable solid state internal regulator. But don’t worry – if you car is fitted with an external regulator we provide detailed instructions on how to retain, but bypass, this for an authentic ‘under bonnet’ look.

Unless otherwise stated  a standard 2 1/2″ pulley  for a single ‘v’ belt (3/8″) is supplied. We can also supply a large variety of alternative pulley to allow single’V’, double ‘V’, single ‘W’ and multi-groove belts to be used. Please refer to our pulley listing below or call us to discuss your requirements.

To assist with mounting your new alternator we also have a wide selection brackets to choose from. We are also currently developing a number of vehicle specific kits to make installation even easier – please keep an eye on our website for details.

All our replacement alternators are sold outright (so no exchange is required) and all of them carry a full 12 month warranty.

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