Dynators (Dynamo Conversion)

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Lucas C42 Style Dynator

Reliable charging of your battery is essential if you want a stress free journey. This is especially true if you anticipate driving at night or using the car heater blower or windscreen wipers. The problem is made considerably worse if you hit traffic and the engine speed drops to the point where your old dynamo stops generate enough current. To avoid the misery of a flat battery and inadequate lighting you normally have to fit an alternator, particularly if your car has been equipped with air conditioning or electric power steering.  To some, the presence of a modern alternator under the bonnet of a classic car is not an issue but to others is is totally unacceptable. Either way, it can be difficult to install a new unit in place of an ageing Dynamo and in some cases impossible. To help resolve all of the problems associated with Dynamos, Fosseway Performance has an extensive range of dynamo conversions known as Dynators. These retain all the appearance of the original Dynamo but conceal a powerful Denso alternator which delivers reliable  and consistent output to keep your battery topped up and to run all of your electrical systems.



Installing a Dynator is easy because they are all supplied with the correct fan and pulley and each one is designed to fit in exactly the same location as the original dynamo. We can supply the units in negative and positive earth and full wiring instructions are provided. Denso alternators used inside Fosseway performance Dynators The Denso alternator housed within the Dynators replica dynamo body is internally cooled to avoid any overheating issues and the internal regulator ensures that the current delivered is perfectly matched to your requirements. Careful attention to detail such as dummy field coil screws and authentic brackets & pulleys make our units virtually indistinguishable from the original Dynamo whilst providing a reliable charging. All our Dynators are direct replacements for your aging dynamo and are available to replace most Lucas models, including special version with dual drives and adapted bodies for power steering & air conditioning pumps etc. We also have a wide range of vehicle specific models which were originally supplied by companies such as Bosch and Magnetti Marelli.

Simply select the appropriate model from our Lucas Dynators or find your vehicle in the Application list below.


New – Positive earth Models

Our new style positive earth units feature a unique regulator which allows straightforward installation into positive earth cars without the need for any special relays or wiring.  These transform the use of a Dynator in a positive earth vehicle. If you require a positive earth model simply let us know when ordering. Conversion to positive earth costs £65.00 + VAT

Dynator Options Include:

  • Positive and negative earth.
  • 6 volt, 8 volt and 12 volt models
  • Increased power output – up to 120 Amps
  • Tachometer and power steering drives
  • Direct drive for certain models

All Prices quoted are net of VAT