E-Type Aluminium Radiators

E-Type Aluminium Radiators

Jaguar E-Type Aluminium RadiatorsOur aluminium radiators will significantly improve the efficiency of your cooling whilst maintaining an authentic appearance. We only use the best materials – our tubes are made from top grade 3003 (H14) aluminium with a 7072 corrosion resistant film and 4343 cladding for longevity and reliability.

  • Hand made in the UK
  • 100% aluminium – light weight structure
  • Authentic appearance with modern performance
  • Detailed replica tank pressings
  • Densely packed core with over 70% more cooling rows
  • Fully brazed in a controlled environment for a strong and stress free construction
  • Individually pressure tested
  • Hand painted or satin aluminium finish (no cost options)



Jaguar E-Type Aluminium RadiatorUprated high performance classic car aluminium radiators


Our research suggests that all of the 3.8 engined Series 1 cars left the factory with a Marston radiator. However, if your 3.8 E-Type has subsequently been fitted with a later copper / brass radiator (and you would like to replace it with one of our later style radiators of the same design) we will be happy to build one for you based on our 4.2 model.

  • Jaguar E-Type Aluminium Radiator – Series 1 3.8 (copper / brass style – based on 4.2 Series 1 design)   £895.00 + VAT

Forthcoming development

  • Jaguar E-Type Aluminium Radiator – Series 2 4.2
  • Jaguar E-Type Aluminium Radiator – Series 3 V12 (manual and auto versions)


Further vehicles on request – please enquire