E-Type and XK Engine Clutch Bleed Kit

E-Type and XK Engine Saloon Clutch Bleed Kit ( Not XK120 – 150)

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Clutch Bleed Kit

The clutch of the XK engine is normally a trouble free piece of kit but it does require periodic servicing and it is a good idea to change the hydraulic fluid from time to time.  Bleeding hydraulics is never fun so anything you can do to make the job easier has to be worth considering……

To avoid the misery of snapped bleed nipples and leaking fluid you could pay someone else to do the job for you or you could install one of our clutch bleed kits. This kit makes the initial bleeding of a new clutch installation or the servicing of existing clutch hydraulics much less troublesome.

Our kit is complete with the following items:

  • Stainless steel braided remote bleed hose
  • Brass banjo adapter and copper washers
  • Solo Bleed – non return bleed nipple
  • Stainless steel mounting bracket
  • Stainless steel braided clutch hose – fits all XK  engined E-Types and Saloons (not XK 120 – 150)
  • Also available without the clutch hose to allow installation on other cars including V12 E-Types

Please note that the clutch slave cylinder and return spring are not included in the kit – these are shown for illustration purposes only

When installing our clutch bleed kit it may be necessary to install a new clutch pipe between the flexible clutch hose and slave cylinder to allow for the increased length required to connect to the lower port. We can supply a rigid clutch pipe suitable for this if required.

The benefits of the kit include:

  • Bleeds the clutch cylinder from the top of the slave cylinder – the correct side!
  • Improves clutch feel by eliminating air locks
  • Stainless steel clutch hose removes the potential for a squishy rubber hose
  • Non return bleed nipple means there is no need to climb in and out of the car whilst pumping the clutch – no risk of upholstery damage
  • Makes bleeding the clutch a single handed operation


E-Type and XK Engine Saloon Clutch Bleed Kit

Clutch Bleed Kit with XK engine clutch hose –                      £90.00 + VAT

Clutch Bleed Kit without XK engine clutch hose –                 £60.00 + VAT

Extended Rigid Clutch Pipe –                                                   £19.00 + VAT