E-Type Cooling Fan – Series 1

E-type cooling fan - Series 1

E-Type Cooling Fan Kit – Series 1

The original E-Type cooling fan for the Series 1 was always considered a bit of a joke.  It seemed to resemble a ‘Flymo’ blade rather than a an efficient cooling aid.

In actual fact, when the E-Type Series 1 hit the roads for the first time the lack of traffic meant that natural airflow through the radiator was normally sufficient to keep the engine cool.  Stops were less frequent, shorter and more importantly the radiator and water ways in the engine were clear of scale so the original fan did a reasonable job of keeping the engine cool.

Sadly, times have moved on and congestion on the roads and in the water galleys in 45 year old engines engines can lead to a rapid heat build up in an E-Type which is still relying on the original cooling system.

E-Type  Series 1 Fan Kit

Our new E-Type cooling cooling fan will help compensate for the increased number of prolonged stoppages you can expect on today’s roads.  It won’t clear your engine and radiator of scale but it will maintain the airflow through your radiator.

Obviously we would like you to fit one of our high performance radiators to combat the effects of blockages in your existing unit but we also understand that many Series 1 E-Type owners just want a better fan that looks like it belongs on their car.  For this reason we have created a high quality, authentic replica fan housing which accommodates a specially produced high performance 1150 cfm SPAL fan.  This is driven by a sealed motor with ball bearings supporting the main shaft for a guaranteed long life and each fan blade is individually balanced to ensure it is quiet and vibration free.

The fan assembly is designed to replace the standard fan shroud and requires no modification to your original radiator mountings.  When installed it sits in exactly the same location as the original  E-Type cooling fan blade, and unlike many aftermarket fans which are fitted directly to the radiator core, ours cools the entire matrix. As you would expect our fan will fit both our high performance replacement radiators and original units from both 3.8 and 4.2 Series 1 cars. It will also fit most aftermarket radiators so long as these use the original radiator support brackets.


Our E-Type cooling fan kit is designed to be wired using the original Otter Switch or why not eliminate this troublesome switch and install one of our Solid State Fan Controller Kits.  If your car is already fitted with a fan relay this should be retained.  If you car does not have a fan relay or you would prefer to use a modern fused relay please specify the optional relay  when purchasing your fan kit.

Our fan kit is suitable for both positive and negative earth cars and comes with comprehensive instructions for both.

E-Type Cooling Fan

Standard fan kit painted in silver hammered finish                                                         £395.00 + VAT

Fan relay – 30 amp fused (required for cars without a factory relay)                            £9.50 + VAT

Fan switch  (Otter Switch replacement)                                                                                       £49.00 + VAT