E-Type V12 Alternator Kit

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110 Amp Denso V12 E-Type Alternator Kit

The original alternator on the Series 3 E-Type was manufactured by Butec and replacement units have been unobtainable for several years.

The original E-Type V12 alternator was large, heavy and delivered a modest output making it a prime candidate for replacement if it failed. However, the lack of a suitable alternative meant a costly rebuild was often the only option open to V12 E-Type owners with charging problems.

In response to the need for an easy way of replacing the  E-Type V12 alternator we can offer a simple but effective solution. Our ‘bolt on’ kit features a high output Denso alternator and all the relevant components required to allow it to be fitted to a Series 3 E-Type.

E-Type V12 Alternator Kit comprises:

  • Genuine Denso internally cooled and regulated alternator – now delivering 110 amps
  • Reproduction V12 E-Type style pulley
  • Mounting brackets to allow direct installation
  • Connection loom and detailed wiring instructions supplied

New Lower price

E-Type V12 Alternator Kit   (110 Amp Denso) £355.00 + VAT