Ferrari 365 GTC4 Brakes – Upgrades

Ferrari 365 GTC4 Brake Upgrades, Ferrari 365 GTC4 brakes

Ferrari 365 GTC4 Brakes

The Pininfarina styled Ferrari GTC4 is a superb example of understated performance, elegance and practicality. However, the original ATE Ferrari 365 GTC4 brakes on the car were always heavy and a little lacking in stopping power.  Furthermore, the diminutive 15″ Campagnolo wheels fitted to the car have always limited the choice when it comes to upgrading the calipers, especially if the ‘standard’ look of the car was to be retained.

In response to the need to improve the Ferrari 365 GTC4 brakes Fosseway Performance has developed a new caliper for Ferrari applications.  This new caliper is designed specifically to replace the Ferrari 365 GTC4 brakes and features a lightweight four pot caliper body with increased pad area and the essential dual brake hydraulics featured on these cars.

The kit can be installed without making any permanent modifications to the car and works in perfect harmony with the standard rear brakes.

Full details of our comprehensive kit can be found by selecting the link below.

Ferrari 365 GTC4 Brakes –  Upgrade Options

Ferrari 365 GTC4 Brakes – Front Calipers