Jaguar XJS Brake Upgrades

Jaguar XJS Brake Upgrades

Jaguar XJS Brake Upgrades

The earlier models of the Jaguar XJS were fitted with an enhanced braking system which was also used on the late model XJ6 and XJ12’s.  This system used a larger brake pad and a 4 piston version of the Girling brake calipers found on most contemporary Jaguars. However, partially due to the wheel size , these cars continued to use the relatively small 284 x 24mm vented brake disc at the front. At the rear the old faithful IRS with inboard brakes was used with no real changes since the E-Type series 3.

To help rejuvenate the front brakes of your  early XJS (with four pot front Girling calipers) we can now offer an uprated and oversize performance brake kit which utilises our ExCel 6 pot caliper. This will transform the braking of your Jaguar. This can be used in conjunction with our improved rear brakes and our Easy Bleed kit

As with all of our brake upgrade kits the ones for the Jaguar XJS brakes can be installed without permanent modification to the car. However, due to the increased size of the two part disc you will need to fit 16″ wheels.

The calipers are carefully sized to ensure they remain compatible with the existing brake master cylinder and servo assembly.  All kits are supplied with braided stainless steel brake lines.

For detailed information,  select the kit  from the list below which best meets your needs:

Jaguar XJS (with four pot Girling front calipers and inboard rear brakes)

XJS ExCel Six Pot Brake kit for 15″ wheels

Oversize XJS ExCel Six Pot Oversize front brake kit (16″ wheels plus)

XJS Rear Brake Upgrade Uprated brake pads and discs

Easy Bleed   Remote brake bleed kt – IRS models with inboard rear brakes