Lightweight Alternator Kit – V12 E-Type

V12 E-Type Lightweight Race Alternator Kit

The Series 3 E-Type has always been the heavy weight of the E-Type family and much of the weight gain is wrongly attributed to the V12 engine which in fact weighs little more than its 6 cylinder sibling.

However, in order to meet the demands of customers and legislation, particularly in the USA, Jaguar incorporated a number of features including:

  • Power steering
  • Air conditioning
  • Emission control systems
  • Very Heavy US derived alternator

All of these items added weight and complexity. In addition, a hefty bracket was required to mount the bulky Butec alternator in front of the engine. This was made necessary to allow a belt driven air pump to be installed on emission control equipped cars.

With the passage of time, the air pump and air injection used in the primitive emission control system tend to become less effective and in many cases the pump stops working and can even seize.

If you are looking to save weight, simplify your engine bay and install a dependable Denso alternator then our new kit will be of interest.

V12 E-Type Lightweight Alternator Kit

Our new V12 E-Type Lightweight Alternator kit allows the removal the original alternator & external regulator as well as the agricultural alternator / pump mounting bracket. If your car is fitted with emission control equipment the air pump, pipework, valves and injector rails can also be removed.

Our new brackets position the alternator to the right side of the engine in the location normally occupied by the air pump. Weight savings of up to 11.0 Kg (24 lbs) can be achieved and the number of drive belts reduced from three to one.

We supply everything to perform the conversion and no wiring changes are required.  If you are taking off the air injection system please specify the appropriate kit from the options below and and we will include 12 of the blanking plates required for for the exhaust ports once the injection pipes are removed.

All of the brackets and blanking plates are made from stainless steel and the kit includes all of the fittings, fasteners, drive belt and of course, an 80 amp Denso alternator.

If your car has factory installed air condition this kit is not suitable for your car but don’t worry…..we can still help. Please see our regular 110 amp alternator conversion by clicking here.


Benefits of the Lightweight Alternator kit

  • Improves alternator reliability and output – 80 Amps
  • Eliminates the unreliable external regulator
  • Simplifies the drive system and eliminates the  parasitic drag from the air pump
  • De-clutters the engine bay and helps to reveal the beauty of the V12 engine
  • Weight saving of up to 11 Kg (24 lbs)
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • No wiring changes required – uses existing loom without modification


V12 E-Type Lightweight Alternator Kits

V12 Lightweight Alternator Kit – 80 Amp (Without Emission Control delete)      £385.00 + VAT

V12 Lightweight Alternator Kit – 80 Amp (With Emission Control delete)           £399.00 + VAT