MGA Twin Cam Brake Upgrades (incl Deluxe)

MGA Twin Cam Brake Upgrade

MGA Twin Cam Brake Upgrade

The MGA Twin Cam used a version of the early Dunlop disc brake system.  In its day this technology was ground breaking but it now struggles to meet the demands of today’s roads and the raised expectation of today’s drivers.

In response, Fosseway Performance has developed an MGA Twin Cam brake upgrade kit to allow you to enhance your early MG brakes and, like all our kits, they can be installed without permanent modification to the car.  The calipers are carefully sized to ensure they remain compatible with the existing brake master cylinder and servo assembly.  All kits are supplied with braided stainless steel brake lines.

For detailed information click on the link to the kit below.

MGA Twin Cam Brake Upgrade Kits

Standard MGA Twin Cam Brake Upgrade – Lightweight Aluminium Four Piston Calipers for use with standard brake discs