Jaguar Brake Remote Bleed Kit

Easy Bleed with non-return bleed nipples, remote bleed kit

Easy Bleed with non-return bleed nipples

Using the same high quality stainless steel braided brake lines that we include in our classic car brake upgrades, we have produced the best remote bleed kit available for all Jaguar IRS cars with inboard disc brakes.

The ‘Easy Bleed’ kit is a Remote Bleed kit from Fosseway Performance that transforms the process of bleeding Jaguar inboard disc brakes. The clever design turns this tiresome job into a single handed operation and you can even bleed the rear brakes with all four wheels firmly on the ground!

Special ‘Solo Bleed’ non-return bleed nipples ensure trouble free operation and our innovative hose layout means that both calipers can be bled from the same side of the vehicle.

If you are rebuilding your Jaguar IRS or need to bleed your inboard disc brakes the Easy Bleed kit should be at the top of your list of ‘must have parts’.

  • Easy installation
  • Transforms the job of bleeding your rear brakes
  • No need to raise the car to bleed the brakes
  • Bleed both rear calipers from one side
  • Special non-return bleed nipples eliminate need for special tools
  • Stainless steel brackets and braided hoses
  • Fits all Jaguar IRS models with inboard disc brakes
  • Now includes a pair of Banjo Adapters as standard – see below for details

‘Easy Bleed’ Jaguar IRS remote bleed kits                   £155.00 + VAT

Click HERE to see a customer review video of the Easy Bleed kit installed on a restored E-Type Differential

Banjo Adapters

3/8 UNF bleed nipple thread to 10mm banjo fitting

Even if your rear calipers have been replaced or refurbished the area around the bleed nipple may not be 100% smooth and this can lead to a poor seal for conventional banjo fittings.  To overcome this problem Fosseway Performance has developed a special banjo adapter which fits into the bleed nipple location and seals on the original taper seat . This guarantees a perfect fluid seal for the ‘Easy Bleed’ no matter how old your rear brakes are.

Two banjo adapters are now supplied as part of our Easy Bleed but you can also buy them separately.

Banjo Adapters purchased separately (each)                                   £19.00 + VAT


 All prices quoted are net of VAT