Triumph TR5 Brake Upgrades (Triumph TR250)

Triumph TR5 Brake Upgrades / Triumph TR250 Brake Upgrades

Triumph TR5 / TR250 Brake Upgrades

The Triumph TR5 and TR250 were both fitted with disc brakes at the front.  To improve the performance of these brakes and bring them up to modern standards Fosseway Performance has developed a number of Triumph TR5 brake upgrade kits featuring our four piston lightweight alloy caliper and the option of a special 22 mm vented disc.

As with all out brake upgrades the calipers maybe fitted without modification to the front suspension, steering or hydraulic system. All Fosseway Performance kits are supplied with stainless steel braided brake lines and EBC brake pads.

For detailed information,  select the kit  from the list below which best meets your needs:

Triumph TR5 Brake Upgrade Kits

Standard Triumph TR5 Brake Upgrade – Lightweight Aluminium Four Piston Calipers for use with standard brake discs – coming soon

Vented Triumph TR5 Brake Upgrade– Lightweight Aluminium Four Piston Calipers supplied with Uprated Vented Brake Discs – Please note that this kit requires the use of 15″ wheels